- The Transportes Bizarro Duarte, LDA provides services in the area of road transport, handling and handling of dangerous goods and non-hazardous, bulk or packed.


- The Company performs road transport throughout Europe, maintaining high levels of demand for transport and handling of goods.

Transported Products:

Tippers and Mobile Floor - Urban Solid Waste, Tires, Woodchips, Organic Compound, Paper / Cardboard, Plastic, Limestone, Cork, Coal and Cereals.

Tippers - Dangerous Substances, Inorganic Solids

Haulage Container Tipper - Containers, Cistern-Container de 20', 30', 40' e 45' (with or without ADR)

Equipment Types:

General Cargo

Trailer Body - From 45 to 70 M3

Mobile Floor/BCF - 90 M3

Haulage Container Tipper